Advisory Centre

Women’s refuge Basel (Frauenhaus)

Free advice and temporary accommodation for women facing domestic violence. The women’s refuge is staffed exclusively by women.

The refuge is open to women with or without children. Women faced with domestic violence – whether physical, mental, economic or of any other type – can seek help at the women’s refuge. Young women from the age of 18 who are under threat of forced marriage can find assistance and temporary accommodation.


The staff at the women's refuge support the victims of domestic violence and help them to explore new prospects and plan for the next step in their lives. Whenever necessary, the staff contact lawyers, doctors, social workers, victim support services, etc. The staff are bound by professional secrecy.
The address of the women’s refuge is kept secret.
The emergency number (below) operates day and night.

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Last updateFriday, July 9th, 2021 at 12:31 PM