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What can you do if you are subjected to domestic or sexual abuse? Who helps abuse victims in Switzerland? Victims of physical or psychological violence can contact Victim Support throughout Switzerland.

Victim Support Switzerland helps anyone who has suffered direct harm to their physical, psychological or sexual integrity as the result of a criminal act.

Who can contact Victim Support?

Anyone in Switzerland who is the victim of abuse:

  • Regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation or religion
  • Regardless of their origins or how long they have been in Switzerland
  • Regardless of whether a criminal complaint has been filed or whether the perpetrator is known
    Victim Support also helps the victims’ families.

How can I contact Victim Support?

There are victim support services throughout Switzerland. They provide advice on topics such as threats, sexual violence and human trafficking. But Victim Support also helps the victims of muggings or traffic accidents. Consultations are free of charge. Interpreters are available. Both face-to-face and telephone consultations are possible. Referrals to a lawyer or psychological/medical assistance are also provided. If the victim support service is not the right place, the counsellor will try to find the appropriate service.
You can find a list of victim support services


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