Advisory Centre

SAJE – Legal Advice Office for Asylum Seekers (canton of Vaud)

An office providing legal advice free of charge for individuals seeking asylum in the canton of Vaud. The service provides information and guidance around questions relating to living in Switzerland and legal representation during asylum procedures.

The Legal Advice Office for Asylum Seekers (SAJE) operated by
Swiss Church Aid (HEKS/EPER)
is the legal representation of the canton of Vaud mandated to handle the extended asylum procedure.
SAJE answers questions relating to:

  • the asylum procedure
  • family reunification
  • changing an F permit to a B permit or applications for regularization
  • authorization to travel, etc.

Lawyers represent rejected asylum seekers with the aim of getting their application re-examined or obtaining a humanitarian permit or emergency assistance.
Appointments arranged by telephone.
SAJE offers a regular on-call face-to-face service to respond to judgements with a time limit for appeal.

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