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Network against female genital cutting Switzerland

What is female genital cutting? Where is it practised? How does it affect health? What does the law in Switzerland say about it? Where can I get help? The Network against Female Genital Cutting provides information and advice to affected migrants. The information is available in several languages.

The Network against Female Genital Cutting Switzerland has created an information platform designed for people affected by female genital mutilation. Explanatory videos and short texts answer many questions, including:

The Network Against Female Genital Cutting Switzerland also offers the following:

  • Consultations by appointment. These are free of charge, confidential and also available to men. An interpreter can be present if necessary.
  • A platform designed for
    who regularly encounter issues relating to female genital mutilation. It provides information, assistance and practical advice, a consultation service and a large number of resources on the topic.
  • A list of useful addresses at which assistance and advice can be obtained in each

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Last updateMonday, January 16th, 2023 at 3:16 PM