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Help for unaccompanied minors

International Social Service Switzerland takes care of unaccompanied minors and helps them understand their rights. It helps to find solutions for their long-term future.

ISS Switzerland’s role is to assist in the integration of unaccompanied minors in Switzerland or a third-party country and to help them to reintegrate in their country of origin.
ISS Switzerland also provides the following services:

  • Individual assessment of the unaccompanied minor
  • Assessment of the family and social environment
  • Search for a long-term solution
  • Integration assistance (scholarships, mentoring, preparing a possible repatriation project)
  • Information for unaccompanied minors and specialists
  • Legal representation (only for unaccompanied minors allocated to Geneva Canton)

The ISS has an informational welcome brochure for unaccompanied minors newly arrived in Switzerland.
It covers the following topics:

  • Life in Switzerland
  • Asylum procedure
  • Supporting persons
  • Rights and duties

English (PDF)
Arabic (PDF)

Persian (PDF)

Tigrinya (PDF)

French (PDF)

German (PDF)

Italian (PDF)

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