Advisory Centre

Counselling centre for asylum-seekers (GR)

Counselling and support for asylum seekers and temporarily protected persons on issues related to the asylum procedure, asylum decisions, family reunification and hardship cases, incl. legal representation in justified cases.

Information and counselling

Asylum-seekers receive information about the asylum procedure. They are advised about their personal opportunities and chances during the procedure and in the event of asylum decision.
Temporarily protected persons (with an F permit) receive information and advice. In family reunification cases or when submitting a hardship support application, they receive support and advice.

Legal representation

In justified cases, the counselling centre provides asylum-seekers with legal representation and makes petitions within its area of competence.


In the event of difficulties dealing with authorities and institutions, the counselling centre can act as an intermediary. In the case of personal, family and professional problems, it refers the persons concerned to the appropriate authority.

Target group

The counselling centre's services are available to asylum-seekers, temporarily protected persons, their contact and support persons, and to the staff of other institutions and organizations.


Consultations are free of charge for asylum-seekers, though an appropriate fee may be charged for written requests. Holders of an F or B permit and external institutions and organizations must pay for the corresponding services, including counselling, at cost.

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Last updateThursday, July 15th, 2021 at 6:42 PM