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AsyLex – online legal aid on Swiss asylum law

How can I apply for asylum? What is the asylum procedure? How can I bring my family to Switzerland? Asylex offers free legal aid and provides fast, competent and free information about the Swiss asylum procedure.

AsyLex provides asylum-seekers with legal advice, regardless of origin, religion, age, gender, family and financial circumstances, and the prospects of success. The legal aid is free of charge. In the event of legal representation the fee is based on the individual's income and financial situation.

The Asylex vision is for every asylum-seeker in Switzerland to...

  • understand the asylum procedure;
  • know the criteria for asylum;
  • have access to free legal advice at any time.

The language of the website can be adjusted on the AsyLex page.

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Last updateMonday, August 22nd, 2022 at 1:20 PM