Advisory Centre

FIZ – Advocacy and Support for Migrant Women and Victims of Trafficking

Counselling centre for migrant women: FIZ advocates for the protection and rights of migrant women who are survivors of violence and exploitation.

FIZ Counseling for Migrant Women
Straightforward, unbureaucratic support for migrant women living in Zurich canton who are victims of violence and exploitation, have problems under residence law or are involved in the sex trade.
FIZ Makasi Victim Protection

Makasi advocates for trafficked women through crisis intervention and psychosocial counselling. The services also include: information on residence and victim rights issues, counselling and accompaniment in court proceedings, legal, financial and medical assistance, help in finding safe accommodation and support for integration or voluntary return.

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Last updateThursday, July 15th, 2021 at 6:47 PM